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Dear moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas!

Dear moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas!

fotoWe inform you that our Polyclinic has 55 doctors, 105 nurses and 50 other staff. Service area includes all Uruchcha, 8th km area, 9th km area and Ozerische. We have more than 16 thousand children and they live in the 10 thousand families. So we are in a great number and we are all different different! 11th City Children's Polyclinic brings us together more than 18 years. We have a common very important thing  and that is our children. There is a common concern  which is to protect and enhance their health, so  we have professional responsibilities and  you  have the parent ones. It turns out that we are a one big team in which our children must feel comfortable theirself. To succeed in promoting health and concur ailments easier when we are together. To be together means mutual understanding and goodwill, mutual respect and patience, tolerance and common labor. Our whole team is very committed to achieve all this and let us strive together. Then our children would be have a good start for an adult life, an role model of the cultural society. We are ready! Thank you!



  • Two Pediatric Departments to Provide Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment and Preventive Care;
  • Pediatric Department for Children Organized Groups Medical Provision;
  • Pediatric Department for Children Organized Groups Medical Provision;
  • Medical Rehabilitation Department;
  • Dentistry Office;
  • Department of Radiation Diagnostics .
  • Department of Medical Rehabilitation, including electro-, magnetic therapy, balneotherapy, mechanical therapy, thermotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, speech therapy rooms.
  • Youth Center "We are Together"